Our hydraulics workshop

At Hymatik, we understand the importance of getting a new hose quickly, so that a long-term downtime can be avoided. Therefore, we have a hose workshop as part of our ParkerStore. Here our professional staff is ready to assemble your new hose in a few minutes, so you can get up and running again quickly. All hoses are provided with a PTS label, so the hose is easy to identify. You decide whether we should send the finished hose to you or whether you want pick it up at our location yourself.

Read more about PTS. 

When we assemble hoses, we follow a specific procedures to ensure a good and consistent quality.

Read more about quality assurance. 

In our workshop we have:

  • Hose crimper - crimps up to 2” 6 layers hydraulic hoses.
  • Automatic and manual hose cutting machines.
  • Ultraclean plug and sealing machines for optimal purity.
  • Embossing machine for embossing the shell/ferrul, if desired.

We also offer kitting solutions, which can for example consist of various components and hoses. Read more. 

Due to our location close to the Funen motorway exit 52, we can offer fast delivery to the whole of Funen within 1-2 hours. This helps to ensure the continued operation and growth of the local business community.