PTS - Marking of hydraulic hoses

We offer to mark your hoses with PTS labels.

It can be both difficult and frustrating to precisely identify and replace a defective hydraulic hose. The defective hose can be difficult to access or the manual/bill of materials missing or outdated. Usually the only option is to uncouple the hose and bring it to your local hydraulics expert, who can help you identify the components and make a replacement hose.

Advantages of PTS

  • Avoid wasting time
  • Reduce downtime
  • Ensures the right specifications
  • Easy reordering
  • Flexible planning of maintenance
  • Fast identification of defective hose
  • Quick replacement of a hose

PTS creates value and is increases efficiency.

Pts label

PTS – Parker Tracking System

Parker Hannifin has developed the PTS system to help you avoid any confusion or doubts regarding the bill of materials for any hose. The innovative system gives you fast and precise access to the bill of materials for your hose or other Parker product. PTS is available world wide and your hose can be tracked form anywhere in the world if needed. On average 160.000 hoses are produced and labeled with PTS every month on the European market.

In our workshop we label all hoses with the PTS system. Each PTS label has a unique ID number which precisely identifies the hose components.

When you experience downtime, or you perform scheduled maintenance you can simply contact us by phone or email and tell us the PTS ID on the hose you need replaced. With this PTS ID we can produce an exact copy. The hose is available for pick up at our shop within app. 20 min. or we can express ship the hose to you. Our delivery time for our local area (Funen) is 1-2 hours.

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