Kitting solutions 

Increase efficiency with custom kits.

Order one item number and get your customized kit with all the components you need, within hydraulics and pneumatics. We put together a package of all the components, and deliver them in a carefully organized kit, packed to your specification, that makes it easy for you.

You avoid shopping with a lot of different suppliers and you eliminate unnecessary costs by buying a kit from us. We can offer partial or complete kits built to your specifications and needs. We offer a wide product range, where you can get different components and different lengths of hydraulic hoses put together in one kit - ie. one item number, which contains the entire order.

Each kit comes with a batch number, which makes it possible to track the history of the individual components in the kit.

Kundespecifikt kit

Kit with custom components 

Færdigpakket kit

Complete kit ready for shipment 

Optimize your warehouse with a kit

You can more easily optimize your warehouse and logistics work according to the LEAN principle by purchasing a kit, as it makes handling goods easier, as well as reducing the needed space in your warehouse. Apart from saving space in the warehouse a kit also makes the process of picking goods faster and easier. Productivity will also be increased as you remove unnecessary products and components from the assembly line. The production staff will therefore spend less time finding the right components, as only the right components are available. With a kit it is also possible to eliminate errors. With only the necessary components available, errors become apparent if there are components left over in the assembly process. This security can save you both time and money and ultimately the reputation of the company.

Kitting solution benefits

  • The work processes become easier
  • Reduces the number of suppliers
  • Simplified and optimized order management
  • Greater productivity
  • Reduces inventory
  • Minimizing errors

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